22 Jun 2012

Rocking My Yoga, Part 1

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It’s fitting that the first post in this new space is about my experience on set at Sadie Nardini’s “Rock Your Yoga” tv show. Traditionally, the yoga practice opens with an invocation honoring the teachers who got us here. As I shift my focus to more and more to teaching, it feels right to take a moment to honor one of the women who has inspired me most in getting to this point.

How did a girl from Birmingham, AL end up on set at a tv studio on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan? Back in March, I asked a friend to take some yoga pictures for the new website I was hoping to put up (this one!). On a cloudy

Melissa in Reverse Warior Pose

One of the pics I submitted for the casting call

Thursday afternoon, he clicked, we laughed, and I came home happy, excited, and tired. I logged onto Facebook for a little brain candy, and saw a casting call for “an awesome new project” Sadie Nardini was working on. She wanted “real yogis” from “all walks of life.” The call asked us real yogis to submit pictures and a short bio via email.

Within about thirty seconds of seeing that casting call, my photographer friend emailed me with a few sample pictures from our session that day. Awesome, fresh yoga pics, just right to submit for a casting call.

Okay, Universe, I’m listening.

For those who don’t know, here’s the thing about Sadie Nardini: She kind of changed my life. Okay, she didn’t change it; I did. But her teaching gave me the tools to make some tough, painful, but ultimately freeing choices in my life. She gave me the courage to quit hiding, open my mouth, and speak my truth. She helped me find the authentic teacher—the authentic person—hiding under years of self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and co-dependence. Also, she’s a redhead. And redheads rock.

The possibility of getting to not only meet her in person, but to be a part of something she was working on and help share her message with others was mind-boggling. Without a second thought, I composed an email, attached some pictures, and clicked send. And then I waited. And waited.

Weeks went by. I heard nothing, except a sweet email from Sadie’s mom saying my info had been forwarded to the casting director.

And then one day I was sitting at work, and an email came through. “We want YOU to Rock Your Yoga w/ Sadie Nardini!”

Holy Shiva. Seriously?

I immediately went into “OMGOMGOMG” mode. I ran into a co-worker’s office and told her. I texted my husband, my brother, and a few friends. I sat and stared at my computer screen. I researched flights to New York. I sat and stared at my computer screen some more. And then the reality of it hit me: In six weeks, I’d be going to New York to be on television with the woman who helped me change my life.

Rock Your Yoga banner immageThis just got real…



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    Holy crap, congrats Melissa!

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    I LOL’d at “holy Shiva”. “)

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    Have a beautiful day. Enjoy the summer and express your love. DJ Botez