06 Jul 2012

Rocking My Yoga, Part 3

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In the middle of all this plan-changing, I mentioned to Sadie that I needed a place to crash for the night so I could come back the next day. She said, “Why don’t you stay with my mom? She’d be happy to have you!”

Thanks, Universe! I guess all that listening paid off!

And just like that, I was staying another night.

Sadie on a tv screen

Watching Sadie film from the Green Room

There was one problem to take care of first. I had only packed enough clothing for five episodes. I suddenly needed clothes for two more. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, so, with all the luggage I’d brought with me in tow, I hoofed it to the nearest H&M to buy some new clothes. Fortunately, I found some cute things for cheap. Those pieces will always remind me of the amazing time I had on the show and what happens when you say yes to opportunity.

After my mini-shopping spree, I hopped in a cab to Sadie’s mom’s Janet’s gorgeous apartment in the West Village. She welcomed me with open arms and set me up a comfy place to sleep. We sat up late talking about life and our biggest lessons. It was incredible to find this loving, maternal energy in the middle of cold, hard NYC. That time with Janet was definitely a sweet blessing and a huge energy boost to get me through one more day of filming.

Friday morning, I shared a cab with Ava Taylor, Sadie’s agent and the founder of YAMA Talent, Inc. Ava was warm, genuine, so sweet, and one of the major

Melissa, Sadie, and Ava

Me, Sadie, and Ava

reasons Sadie landed the tv gig. She was coming to set to be in an episode, too. She was a little nervous about being on camera, so I found myself in the funny position of telling her—the woman who made the show happen—what to expect from a day of filming.

My last day of filming was the best of all. By that point, I was a veteran. The crew welcomed me back and all seemed genuinely happy to have me for another day. Ava joined us in the morning, along with two other inspirational yoginis. The day seemed to fly by, in part because the producers wanted to get us out early for the holiday weekend. At the end of the day, I couldn’t believe my New York experience was over. Even with an extra day, it seemed to go way too fast.

Lots of people have asked me since I’ve been back, “How was New York? What was it like being on tv? What was Sadie like?” And every time, I feel like I haven’t had adequate words to answer. New York was a blur: loud, overwhelming, smelly, exciting, and full of possibility. Being on tv—at least in this situation—was a lot like doing yoga and hanging out with fun new friends. And Sadie is warm, funny, energetic, inspirational, and a down-to-earth yogini, not all that different from me.

I’m extraordinarily grateful for the experience of being on “Rock Your Yoga.” I’m proud of myself for trusting the Universe and taking an adventure on my own, outside of my comfort zone. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with all the yogis and yoginis I met in New York. And I’m excited to see where the path takes me next.

So how was New York?

It rocked.

Melissa in front of the show's poster



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5 Responses to “Rocking My Yoga, Part 3”

  1. Emilie says:

    I absolutely adore this entire journey and peak into your life 🙂 You are inspiring to me and Birmingham ….Keep rockin’ it girl!

    Much Love,


  2. Dad and Glenda says:

    Melissa, your dad and I have enjoyed your blog. We are so proud of you and hope this is one of many opportunities you have to expand your yoga world.

    Dad and Glenda

  3. Nancy says:

    You are one of MY inspirations! I love, love, love you and am so happy to call you one of my teachers. Red headed yoginis rock! 🙂


  4. Candice says:

    Totally awesome! LOVE that Melissa is representing Alabama in NYC – on and off the mat!

  5. Sadie Nardini says:

    Hey, co-Ginger Ninja!

    I loved reading this account, because it’s also how I felt upon meeting you and having some quality time with you both on and off the set.

    Thank you for inspiring others with your teaching and writing…you put a big smile on my face today because of it. What a gift.

    Can’t wait to see you again, either in your ‘hood or mine.

    Mad love!