05 Oct 2012

The Envision Project

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The Envision Project is getting a lot of buzz amongst Birmingham yogis right now. I talked to Lauren Fields and Nancy Roberts, two of the project’s founders and organizers, to find out more.

Meditating brain

Studies show the powerful effects of meditation on the individual and the world

1. What is The Envision Project?

NR: The Envision Project is the service project that our group chose as we finished the Yoga In Action program.  Yoga In Action focuses on how to take the yogic philosophy and live it more fully by extending those core beliefs into your life and community but without draining your own energy.  As a group we chose this focused meditation project to both unite people that meditate and focus that loving intention on something in the world that needs healing.

LF: TEP is a community organization empowering people to embrace activism through intention and meditation. Our mission is to unite humankind through focused intention using the power of collective thought to create positive change. There have been numerous studies in the past few decades that have concluded that our thoughts have a big impact on reality. If we come together with a unified vision there is a real chance that we can create positive change in a peaceful way. Instead of marching and protesting we take the peaceful approach.


2. What was the intention behind the project?

NR:The intention behind this project is to heal the world or at least diminish the suffering and unite people through positive thought; envisioning a more wonderful world.

LF: Our intention truly is to unite communities locally, statewide, nationwide, worldwide on issues that need our attention but often seem completely beyond our control. I believe that everyone in the world would love to end hunger or help clean up our planet but given the stresses and responsibilities of our own lives we often feel powerless to make a change. The Envision Project provides a place and time for people to meet like-minded individuals, project some positive thought and intention into the world without joining the Peace Corp or committing to volunteering on a monthly or weekly basis.


3. What will the project do and how often will it meet?

NR: The Envision Project will meet once a month.  Each person in the start-up group chose a month to select the focus, find the location and lead the meditation.  When we come together the leader for the month will give an overview of the topic, how all can focus on that topic in a positive way and then guide the meditation allowing for both silence and vision during the time together.

LF: For example, in light of the upcoming election, October is focused on the best outcome for our country. We’re not choosing sides, we’re not telling people what intentions to have. We all want the best for our country right? So we’ll envision the unemployment rate dropping, we’ll envision the federal budget balanced, we’ll envision our children getting a good education, etc.

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Yogis can unite from anywhere and create change

4. How can people get involved? Do you have to live in Birmingham to participate?

LF: This is the coolest part! A person doesn’t even have to be present in order to participate! Since we’re sending out thoughts and intentions it doesn’t matter if there are one hundred participants gathered in one room or if there are one hundred participants scattered across the entire world. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to participate… So even if you live in Australia you can participate in what we’re doing here in Birmingham, Alabama. I believe this is the beginning of something bigger than anyone could possibly imagine.

NR: The best way to get involved is to Like our Facebook page so you can follow when and where we’ll meet.  One of the wonderful aspects about this project is that you don’t have to be physically present to join us!  In fact one of our start-up members has moved out of state but will still be joining us by sending her intentions to the same focus.  You can just find a quiet space during the time that we meet or any other time to send your positive energy to the topic for the month.  Our October meeting and focus has already been set!  Please visit our Facebook page and join us.

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