11 Mar 2013

How to Turn 30: Weekend 2

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Start with some of your favorite hometown yogis…


Add in a living kirtan legend…


And a few hundred other lively souls…




Then receive a hug, some wisdom, and a bit of a laugh.

(Melissa: “Can I trouble you for a picture?”; KD: “Only if I can get a hug first.”)


I’m alone in the house now. There was a move last week that emptied out whole rooms and left a lot of space. I’ve handled it surprisingly well, I think. I’ve cried, of course. I’ve let myself grieve and mourn the life I’m letting go of, and I will continue to do so as it comes up. But I’m hopeful. Light is starting to creep around the edges of the dark and illuminate the path in front of me. It’s a path filled with love and laughter and some pretty amazing people. Some days, I feel like I’m faking it, like my smile has a falseness to it and I’m present only physically. But I keep showing up anyway, trusting that the light will grow, both within and without.

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