21 Feb 2014

What is Core Strength Vinyasa? And Why is It So Awesome?

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Sharp-eyed yogis may have noticed a slight change in the name of my classes at The Yoga Circle and on my website. What used to be “Core Vinyasa” is now “Core Strength Vinyasa.” Before you get too worked up (I know change can be scary!), let me assure you that I’m still teaching the same rockin’, deep, flowing classes I’ve always taught. Same Fists of Fire, same energizing Deep Core work, just a different name that honors the teaching of the woman who inspires my yoga, Sadie Nardini. I want to take a moment and tell you more about the style and why I love it so much.

First, an explanation of what Core Strength Vinyasa is from Lady Sadie herself:

Melissa and Sadie

CSV Ginger Ninjas

Our style of yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV)Yoga is the only yoga style built to give people twice the results for the time on their mat. Doing 30 minutes is like doing 1 hour of most styles, and so on. It’s hard, but not overwhelming. Most strong beginners and up can do it. But everyone, even the most fit amongst us, will be challenged to their next level.

Did we mention—it’s creative, flowing and fun? Empowering your whole body with our signature CSV Yoga moves and sequences feels incredible. You’ll leave class feeling energized, strong, cleansed and glowing for the world to see!

The reason for the double benefits in each pose is that the co-creators of the style, Sadie Nardini and Tyler McCoy, are also anatomy experts who travel the world. They’ve designed an evolution of yoga, one that uses new understandings of how the body works best (and doesn’t!) to make you stronger, faster, safer!

CSV Yoga requires students to fully activate their Deep Core Muscle Meridian, their innermost muscle body, along with the more commonly used outer one. We also keep students activating and moving strongly BETWEEN poses. PLUS, the unique Core Breath we use builds heat and power, and optimizes digestion and metabolism, fast.

These all add up to working smarter, not harder, and transforming one’s inner and outer body fitness, more quickly. It rocks!

Sounds pretty great, right? Basically, CSV takes the practice out of the superficial outer body and into the super-deep Core Muscle Meridian. This means you work smarter and more efficiently on your mat. It’s a fun, playful, challenging style of yoga without the aggressive push-push-push vibe. It just plain feels amazing.

Beyond the awesome points Sadie makes, here are some of the reasons I love CSV:

1. It’s incredibly empowering. Working deep in the Core (the actual Core, not superficial six-pack muscles) makes you feel like a total bad-ass who can take on the world. Feeling the deep strength in your body lights you up from the inside out. I can personally attest to this. I studied dance for 18 years, and have done other forms of movement like pilates, martial arts, running, and weight-lifting, and I’ve done every style of “Power” yoga out there, and NOTHING has ever made me feel as strong as my CSV practice. Nothing.

2. You can’t beat the metaphor. As a counselor and therapist, I’m always looking for the ways the yoga practice can be translated off the mat. In CSV, it’s all about going from the superficial outer to the meaningful, powerful inner. Soften the outer body, empower the inner body. As in, drop the masks and the defense mechanisms and light up the truth and strength inside. I mean, wow! That’s a powerful message. I want my yoga practice to support my authenticity, and CSV does that in a major way.

3. It’s unique. No other style of yoga moves this way. In CSV, we soften before moving into any pose, which creates shapes that you can’t find anywhere else, which accesses muscles other styles of yoga don’t get into. CSV also emphasizes the transitions as much as the poses. It’s not just about arriving in some ideal shape. It’s about the space between poses, too.

4. It’s mindful. When you emphasize transitions as much as poses, the whole practice gets deeper and more thoughtful. It’s impossible to check out in a CSV class, because every breath is just as important as the one before it. It’s incredibly meditative.

5. It’s inclusive. All levels, all backgrounds, all shapes and sizes welcome. You don’t have to look like a Lululemon model to feel comfortable in a CSV class. And your pose doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s! In CSV, we believe in the “adaptation principle,” which states that no two bodies are the same, so no two poses will look the same. It’s all about you and your unique, fabulous self.

6. It’s freakin’ fun. We laugh. We fall over. We rock our arm balances and handstands. We do Charlie’s Angels and Jazz Hands mudras. We occasionally drop F-bombs. We turn classic rock anthems into chants. We hug a lot. CSV is a love-fest. Seriously, you’re missing out on a majorly good time!

I could go on and on about how much and why I love this practice. Bottom line: CSV is unlike any other style of yoga out there. I believe it will be my practice for the rest of my life, for all the reasons above and so many more. It’s my passion, and I love getting to share it with people. I hope to share it with you in class some time soon! Check my schedule page for more info. See you on the mat!

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2 Responses to “What is Core Strength Vinyasa? And Why is It So Awesome?”

  1. Sadie Nardini is coming to BLiSS | anngreenyoga.com says:

    […] a great testimonial from one of our CSV Master Trainers, from her blog. Watch Sadie describe her lifestyle and […]

  2. Kellie Vallianos says:

    Hi~ I wish I could meet you in person to give you a proper HI-Five! I am also a teacher and teach CVS, I fell in love with this style 5 years ago and have been progressively training with Sadie’s thru her utube posts and online offerings.. I too share your feelings about this style and Sadie all it she brings to yoga. I am getting more pushy about studios recognizing this style and have been offering workshops etc. to get the locals feeling it in their bodies too.

    Your enthusiasm is great, will be sharing this post on my facebook page to get more good word out!

    Peace to another CVS sister~