06 Dec 2014

Poem: An Encounter with My Ex’s Ex in a Bar on a Tuesday

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It will take me a while to remember4707547309_6cc8e36a92_z

where I know her from,

after she walks away

from asking me,

with unveiled aggression,

and an unwelcome hand on my knee,

“What’s your name?”


I will flashback to another night,

in another bar,

when she approached the man I was busy falling in love with,

with the same unveiled aggression

and a different line.

“Stay out of my side of town.”


When recognition arrives,

I don’t know whether to thank her

(That night she approached us in the bar

was the night we sat under the stars until well after midnight

talking about the relationships that shaped us

and kissing meaningful kisses

that led to something beautiful)


Or berate her

(How dare she mar my evening with her invasive anger,

and worse yet with memories of a love that withered

as hard and fast as it bloomed

in the light of the honesty

that her one line inspired)


Or question her

(Did she experience the same hurt that I did?

The same feelings of abandonment?

Did she, too, wonder

what she had done wrong?)


Or comfort her

(Surely her hurt must run much deeper than mine

to still feel the need, many months later,

to question a stranger in the dark

with so much anger)


It is a strange bond,

to have loved and been hurt by the same man.

There are many things I want to say to her,

and I’m sure there are things she could ask me,

beyond just my name.

Instead we will conscientiously avoid eye contact for the next hour,

just like I avoid eye contact with the man we both loved

when I see him.

(Sometimes I feel like my life has devolved

into little more than a series of

furtive glances)


When I realize she’s left,gomukasana-prayer2

I will regret not taking the opportunity to say something.

Not to thank her

or berate her

or question her

or comfort her,

but simply to say,


“Sister, there’s room enough

for both of us

on this side of town.”


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2 Responses to “Poem: An Encounter with My Ex’s Ex in a Bar on a Tuesday”

  1. Devon says:

    The older I get, the more I date, the more I drink it makes me sick to think about all the soul ties I have out there with loose ends. This poem resonated close to my random but more common now experiences. You said it well! There’s room in this town for us all!

  2. Alex G says:

    Yeahhhh girl. Yeah.