21 Jan 2015

Poem: When I Die

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backgroundWhen I die

I want you to scatter my ashes in water.


Fling me into the mouth of the mighty Mississippi,

so that I can forever feel

the hard rush of steady movement

pulling me ever onward toward the sea.


Scatter me gently into the most placid lake

so that I can float peacefully

and contemplate

the slow changing of seasons.


Throw me into the ocean

so that I can feel the exhilarating rise and fall of wave

after wave

and perhaps come ashore on some distant land.


Sprinkle me into the creek that runs behind my grandmother’s house

and let me explore forever the twists and turns

and little nooks under rocks

where I always thought buried treasure might be.


Please don’t drop me on the ground and leave me there,

to be mixed in with the dirt,

only to grow stagnant and still

and watch time pass from one fixed point.


I want my forever to be enveloped by the cycles

only water creates.

I want to evaporate into the clouds

and fall again to the earth.

Over and over.


When I die, scatter my ashes in water,

and do not miss me much

for I will be in every drop of rain

falling always like gentle kisses on your face.

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One Response to “Poem: When I Die”

  1. Alex G says:

    beautiful 🙂