23 Mar 2015

How to Turn 32

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Dear Melissa,

As you know, college football programs often have “re-building years.” They are seasons spent re-grouping, re-assessing, and re-strategizing about the future. The hardest part about re-building years is that the team still has to play. Even though they and everyone else know the team is not at their best–perhaps even depleted–they still show up and make their best effort. They try. They get through it and look forward to better years to come.

Thirty-one was a re-building year for you. True, you had professional success beyond your wildest dreams. On that front, you felt strong and capable. Rather, year 31 was about re-building your sense of self. A whole new you emerged, and with it, a new plan.

Remember how wildly and boldly you birthdayed as you turned 30? It was a statement about the next decade and next chapter of life. You literally flew through the air, releasing fear and trusting gravity.

Remember also how quietly you felt compelled to birthday as you turned 31? Perhaps, on some level, you knew you needed to conserve your strength for the roller coaster of a year that was to come. The shake ups started just days after you celebrated and didn’t stop for some time. It’s okay that you spent most of the last year feeling humbled and raw. You needed to shed your skin to begin again.

Here is what you need to know as you turn 32: You are re-built. You are whole and complete and just as you should be. You’ve learned to love and value yourself. You are as worthy of love and success as you’ve come to suspect you are. All you need to do is pause and be grateful from time to time. And most importantly, do things that make you feel joyous.

So, my dear, turn 32 with music….


And dearest friends….


And more music….


And more time with dear friends….







And a home full of loud celebration….


And side-splitting laughter….


And–perhaps much to your surprise–turn 32 in the presence of a fresh bloom of love, a love that feels equal parts exciting and grounded, refreshing and oddly familiar. Yes, this will catch you off guard. It’s okay to be cautious, but don’t overthink it. Just sit back and enjoy it. This, too, you deserve.


And most importantly, turn 32 with a “yes.” Yes to all that has happened up till now; it got you here. And a yes to all that will come in the future. Don’t doubt that it will be be even better than you ever imagined.

Just like the season that dawns on the day of your birth, you are reborn. Start here fresh and know that the days ahead will only get brighter.

Happy birthday, Equinox baby.



The Universe








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