31 Mar 2016

How to Turn 33

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Dear Melissa,

You laugh a little, don’t you, when people ask, “How did you decide on Chile for your birthday?” The truth is, you didn’t. Like most of your big decisions, it was a series of random maybes that morphed into commitments. “This is the way I’ll go,” you think resolutely, with nothing to guide you but intuition and a hunch that there is magic on the other side.

Fortunately, it usually all works out.

You knew going in that 32 was less about planting seeds–as the last few years had been–and more about bearing fruit. Less about sowing than reaping. You were able to sit back and enjoy the ways in which you provided for yourself, the wonderful people you gathered around you, and the ways in which you’ve grown personally. It was a year of facing old challenges in new ways and new challenges from a place of strength. You’re learning to trust yourself and the Universe. You’re learning to accept and finding new ways to give and receive love.

And yet, you find yourself heading into 33 with questions. You’ve never been able to fully relax into your circumstances, always wondering if there’s something more or different or better out there. This drive keeps you moving forward, but it also creates unnecessary stress for you–and, perhaps worse, stress for those who love you.

I will tell you this, Equinox baby: You’re fine. Just as you are and where you are. There is no need to worry. You don’t need to question anymore. There’s no need to check behind doors or under the bed for monsters that might be hiding there. You are safe. Anything that might come up, you will handle. You are okay and loved and taken care of right where you are. Your intuition is well-honed, and you can follow it to the next grand adventure. Trust that your maybes and hunches will morph into magic before your eyes.

Embrace the adventure of a new year. Turn 33 in the presence of poetry



And history



And mountain views



And beaches



And climbs to the top



And a whole lot of really good food…







This number, 33, is such an elegant one. Like two waves crashing on the shore, one behind the other, to remind you that the flow continues endlessly, ebbing and flowing. This water metaphor speaks to your Piscean heart. Water, both powerful and peaceful, symbolizes the endless cycle of all things. Always moving, never the same from one moment to the next. Water symbolizes infinite possibilities. You can choose to stand still and let the waves crash around you. You can float on the surface, face up, basking in the sun. Or you can choose to swim out further, past the breakers, to see what you might find in the depths.12105695_10153689661338138_223892064020679640_n

Whatever you choose, little fish, do not fear the undertow. Swim out deeper than you have before, and trust that you will be just fine. I promise, there will always be another wave just behind you to carry you back to the shore.


The Universe

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