07 Apr 2017

How to Turn 34

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Dear Melissa,

Welcome to the middle. It’s strange, isn’t it, to be in your mid-30s? It sounds terribly grown up. But you’ve earned your place here in the middle. You’re no longer just starting. You’ve deserve to celebrate how far you’ve come.

You knew 33 would be a turbulent year. You recognized that the number itself looks like waves crashing. But you had no idea how much truth and honesty would hit you as the year unfolded. You rode the waves beautifully, little fish. Give yourself credit for staying true to yourself despite the riptides that tried to pull you under.

Your thirties have been about defining life for yourself. You’ve sought freedom from the expectations of others to live a life of your own creation. And you’ve done so well. You have a career you love and a Tribe of amazing people around you. You sold one house and bought another in year 33, no small feat, so take a moment to be proud. You’ve accepted yourself, flaws and all, and it shows.

And you do know how to celebrate big. This year, you’re off to South America again, exploring a continent that has captivated your heart. I know that, underneath all the excitement, you’re nervous about taking such a big trip by yourself. But don’t worry, dear. You’ll be fine. This trip will be full of beauty, wonder, and lots of ice cream. Open your eyes and your heart, and get ready to take it all in.

Another year has arrived, bringing you to the middle of a vast ocean of possibility. I know you’ve found yourself wondering where to go next.

And so, my Piscean mermaid, here’s how you turn 34. Stop trying to swim alongside someone who might not be ready to go as deep as you are. Find your own current and ride it. Chase travel and new projects and adventure. Share your heart and soul with people who deserve the beauty of your vulnerability. Trust yourself. There’s no wave you can’t surf.

And then, just as you dive into the flow of your own current, as you surrender to the glorious peace of movement that only water can provide, find that you’ve arrived on a beach in Uruguay, all by yourself. You’ve landed right where you need to be, your head finally above water. Turn your face toward the sun, acknowledge all the work it took to get you here, then let it fall away. Take a breath. And another. And another.

Although movement is your life, stand right here for a moment, little fish. Bask in the victory of making your way to shore. The water is still in front of you, and you can swim back out whenever you want. But, for this moment, here in the middle, take a moment to just be still.


The Universe

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One Response to “How to Turn 34”

  1. Matt says:

    I love that in the midst of the chaos of our world you remind me to be still and breathe.
    Thank you.