Melissa Scott is on a mission to help you recognize your true inner strength.

She’s a yoga teacher, counselor, writer, and life coach who believes everyone can be their best self. Her Inner Strength Vinyasa classes develop deep core strength and focus on moving from center, both on and off the mat. She combines her knowledge of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy for classes that are creative, challenging, and deeply centering.

A passionate yoga student for over a decade, with a background in dance and martial arts, Melissa uses her knowledge of the mind-body connection, energy dynamics, and deep core anatomy to move past fears to a deeper, more empowered place. In addition to teaching yoga and leading mind-body-focused teacher trainings, she writes and presents regularly on Yoga Psychology, feminism, and positive body image.

Melissa┬áhas been named Birmingham’s Best Yoga Instructor by Birmingham Magazine.

What is Inner Strength Vinyasa Yoga?

Inner Strength Vinyasa is about finding the deep strength you have on every leve..

The practice is a moderate-to-strong vinyasa flow with an emphasis on developing strength and cultivating the Deep Core Muscle Meridian. It incorporates functional movement principles, unique transition, and wave-like movement to support joint health, holistic strength, and long-term mobility. Melissa pays special attention to ways to find center physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. All Inner Strength Vinyasa classes end with some longer-held yin poses to promote introspection, flexibility, and rest.

Melissa uses her training in counseling and psychology to create deeply meaningful experiences for her students. She uses stories, themes, and challenging questions to take the practice to a deeper, more transformative place.